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Baiken from Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. As you can see, she's been eating very well since her last appearance in the series.

A wet and sweaty Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd. Made a couple of semi NSFW versions too because why not?

More 2B from Nier: Automata. "Emotions are prohibited."

Felicia from Darkstalkers. I think I might like her more than Morrigan now. Speaking of Morrigan, I used her back in the beginning of vanilla Marvel 3 but dropped her because I didn't have the execution for soul fist spam :(

2B from Nier: Automata. I think everyone knows by now that she has a nice butt.

More of best girl from Tales of Berseria. Magikazam!

So who else is playing Tales of Berseria right now? Magilou's equip screen pose is something special!


Variations ahoy! Serena and Shauna/Sana from Pokemon X and Y. That smile tho. For my friend Randy.

Sorry girls, he's still not interested. (I hope there's at least someone here that understands what I'm referencing)


Goldie the "Golden Battleaxe" from Queen's Blade Grimoire. I love f.s.'s Queen's Blade characters and this is his newest release for that series. Ridiculously over-sexified outfit? Check. Goldie's outfit is almost as classy as Luna Luna's :D

Lately I've been watching/reading Attack on Titan. Christa is super cute and I like the thing going on between her and Ymir. Hope they take it further, but I don't think that's going to happen :(

Heroine: "THIS is who we're recruiting?!"

I always enjoy rendering darker skin and I've always wanted to draw Maya/Manya from Dragon Quest 4 so BAM!

For a breast cancer research donation drive over on You donate towards breast cancer research in the name of a game and the game with the most donations by February 1st gets the final EVO slot.

I felt like drawing cats! I added in Felicia from Darkstalkers as a bonus.

Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! I think I have a cat-eared motorcycle helmet fetish.

I made this while playing through Pokemon Black 2. Kamitsure's puff coat is so delicious!


* *
The girls (and women) of Bleach.
Date:01.01.09 - ??

Labrys from Persona 4 Arena. Planning to main her, just one more week! Oh god, she must have the sexiest papillon heart :O~

My favorite psycho bitch.

Another quick Poison. Balls omitted.

Squiggly from Skullgirls. One of the most adorable zombies ever?

Valentine in one of her alt colors. Inspired by one of the members on SRK. The game's coming out in a week, can't wait!

A portrait of Cammy. I'd say I got a good likeness of her features myself!

I got bored with Street Fighter x Tekken after the first week :( Qanba's been collecting dust...but that's going to be changing once Skullgirls comes out!

(More fighting game randomness!) I'm sorry, but I had to do this picture after UltraDavid mentioned it on the stream today so blame him for this. I had to uphold my honor!

Valentine from Skullgirls. I think she's my favorite character now from what I've seen of her gameplay. She looks like a rushdown sword-type character. Speh likes :o


Been playing a bit of DC Universe Online since it went free to play and I found myself drawing Power Girl. A little bit of influence from those Adam Hughes posters on my walls too. Well, maybe more than a little :T

Ms. Fortune again. I think her and Parasoul are my two favorites from the game so far :o

More SkullGirls fanart. This time is Ms. Fortune.

Parasoul from SkullGirls. I can't wait till the game comes out O_O I finally realized that I've gone down the wrong path in life when I found myself chain pausing a gameplay video to find out what color her panties are supposed to be :(

Mmm, SF3 fanart. Effie is so freaking adorable :(

Touko round 2! I had to do another one because I hated that last one. Pokeaccidents are always fun :O

I've been playing Pokemon Black and I think Touko is my favorite heroine yet, so of course, being the terrible person that I am, I had to make a picture of her. However, this one is left unfinished because partway through, I decided that I hated the head and face. But...I decided to post it anyways because I haven't had many updates to this site lately :|


Watercolors are frustrating, part 2. More Morrigan.

I got frustrated working in watercolors so I took a break and did a quick picture of Morrigan, my favorite game gal, instead :|

I did this for a contest at We just had to draw a picture of the site's mascot :o

This was the final for my anatomy class. Any medium and had to be related to your major, so digital it would be! When I look at this now, I think some sort of icy, crystalline cave would've been a more suitable environment for the creature :(


Midterm assignment for my anatomy class. We had to do a multiple figure composition involving at least 2 characters. One of them had to be human and the other one had to be a humanoid, human-animal hybrid, a skeleton, or anything like that. So...I did my thing! A buff, naked woman squaring off against a buff, naked minotaur. Awesome O_O

Juliet from Vanguard Princess, a game that teaches you that maebari can be a practical substitute to normal underwear! There's something charming about a dark-skinned maid loli wielding a spiked ball and chain half her size :D

I drew Cammy because she's cute :|

I realized that I've never drawn Lilith before, so I thought I'd remedy that.

An assignment for one of my classes. We could choose to do a re-imagining of an 80's cartoon character or a re-imagining of a master painting. I picked Bougereau's "Orestes Pursued by the Furies".

Another character design assignment. She's a rogue mage.

This is the wonderful class president, Andou Nene, from Hyakko. I've always been a sucker for gay characters :(


An assignment for my Clothed Figure Drawing class. We had to gather a whole bunch of references and design a character using them. Any medium was okay, so of course I went with Photoshop :)

This was the drawing I did for the two-point perspective assignment for my Perspective class ;o It's a Street Fighter picture, if you didn't know (if you live under a rock). I got lots of inspiration for the awesome Udon comics for this one. Our teacher told us we could use any medium we wanted for the toning part of the assignment for this one (we usually do it with markers), so I was like,"Yeah, time to bust out Photohouse!" And bust it out I did!
I think I may have made Sakura's legs a little too buff; they'd give Chun Li a run for her money O_O


Viletta Nu from Code Geass. One of my favorites from the show and when I saw the school festival episode, I just had to draw a picture of her! I kinda "improved" on her bikini in the picture O_O

Yukino and Kanade Sakurai from Candy Boy. Probably about the first minute in, I had already decided to make some fanart of these two :D The only problem is... WHY DID I ONLY FIND OUT ABOUT THIS OVA JUST A FEW DAYS AGO??!!!1 O_O

Just finished watching Code Geass. The anime wasn't bad - I just didn't like the 'wtf' ending :D And when there's a lesbian character in the cast, Speh, of course, must do justice! These are the three original student council girls.


Chikane and Himeko from Kannazuki no Miko. After watching that anime, I felt a strong urge to make some yuri. I also took this and attempted something new - no lines O_O


Android 18 from DBZ. A little something I did for a contest. Hope I win :(

The oh so cute Pachira from Renkin San-Kyuu Magical Pokaan. There's not enough fanart of this anime :(

Mmm...going through a Mai Hime phase right now. Natsuki is my favorite character, and it just so happens that one of the other characters has a crush on her (gasp!). Perfect opportunity for Speh to make some magic happen :D Part 1 of a series I'll be doing, just like my Orihime and Chizuru (sounds a lot like Shizuru...) series. Up and coming ones will probably be a bit more...uhh..better, I guess. I just felt like rushing through the most boring image of the series with this one :P Update: Forget this picture ever happened. See the doujin at my Comic Works page instead :O

Got bored of my homework (mang I hate acryllics) so I made this :P

Morrigan is the one character I've drawn the most in all my life, yet I haven't drawn any ecchi+ pictures of her in all this time :| So now, I've remedied that with this picture :D


Mmmm...Sakura and Sasori.Yeah yeah, I know Sasori's hair is red, but man, red totally doesn't fit his character, so I made it brown :( I hope no one notices all the cast shadows I left out :D

A schoolgirl and a sword... Because I like that kinda stuff, you know?

Amy from Soul Calibur 3! When I first got into a fight with her I was just like "wow, she's too cute". Then I almost got my ass handed to me because I was using Olcadan Nightmare-style (I don't know how to play Nightmare :| ). But, I beat her with a sliver of life left! So then after I unlocked her, I was just thinking to myself "man, I have to draw her". Yeah yeah, it's kinda loli, but I couldn't help myself :( I'd also have to say that this is one of my best yet too :D I'm in love with the coloring I did with this :D

Also, you probably won't get what she's saying unless you played Soul Calibur 3 and unlocked her :x


I felt the need to do something more original, so I made this :T So eyes, the goggles do nothing!

Oh man, I just had to do it. Yoruichi and Soi Fong! Something about Yoruichi's face looks off to me... eh, whatever. It's Yoruichi and Soi Fong - I can't complain :O~~ (Oh lordy, I pushed out 3 pictures 3 days in a row. I'm a madman)

Part 3! Okay, I'm gonna have to tell myself never to attempt fish eye ever again :D Yeah, it's totally incomplete, because I felt that there were just so many things wrong with this picture. But eh, I needed a part 3, so here it is :( My next CG will be better, I promise!

Part 2! Definately didn't take as long as the first one (there's no crazy background in this one :O ) but I think it's just as sexy, maybe even sexier :D I think Chizuru's head might be a little too big, but eh, I don't think that's what people will be looking at anyways |:D Onward! To be continued with part 3!

Whenever I see Bleach yuri, it's mostly Yoruichi and Soi Fong. There needed to be something different (not that I really have a problem with Yoruichi and Soi Fong - I'm just saying!), so I made this! Chizuru vs Orihime! Round 1!

Man, this is the longest I've spent on any single picture (that I'm showing on my site anyway). The penciling and inking alone took about 10 hours. The background alone was probably at least half of that :D Putting my mad perspective skills to the test! (Those chairs were totally hell to do :| ). The coloring only took about 6 hours or so. But man, do I like how this came out :D


Not just any random girl...but ULTRA RANDOM GIRL! She's got the katana, the huge gun, the looks, looks sorta like a schoolgirl, and has a pink vibrator!

This is Tifa from AC :D~ Back to my old coloring style, so this didn't take very long to do. Oh man, do I like this picture :D The only problem I have with it is that the original sketch held so much more feeling in the pose, so I got owned when I was done with the drawing and inking and everything :| Oh, another cool thing is that I got to bust out my oh so loveable Clouds in this. Get it? AC? Cloud? No? Ok :(

Hmm...I tried a lot of new things when I started to CG this thing. It seems that all the rage is to put everything on separate layers. Like the lineart on top on multiply with each different part of the picture under it etc etc. So I did that and all it seemed to do for me was that it wasted my time :( It's not like I ever make any mistakes that make me want to start over anyways :@ And then I just tried coloring directly onto the layers, no magic wang or anything. What a waste of time that was too :( All it did was make me take more time to clean up parts of the picture, while the magic wang is super clean and I can just do whatever :( And then I just busted out a radial gradient on the background, which was loading at about 1% every 30 minutes. Man, the explosion of my computer sure was flashy though :D Well anyways, the moral of this story is:

It's not always good to try out new things.

Well, actually, I still think the picture turned out nice anyways :@ Even if I could've completed it in a fraction of the time with my old methods!!! And there was actually supposed to be like...stuff shooting out of her left hand (hence the battle mage name) but her hand got cut off when I got to that part and etc etc :(

Edit: I no longer think this way, arr :D


I don't know, I just felt compelled to draw and CG something, so I did it, and this was the result |:O I don't know, but I think the lineart for it actually looks better than the finished piece :| Prolly just need to work on my coloring...

Alchemist from RO! I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought up the idea to draw this. And hrm...I guess I didn't make the background too crazy (lols @ the buildings in the back). And eehh...there's a lot wrong with the picture. The perspective back around where the fountain is is totally wrong, there's probably something wrong with the anatomy in there, and I think I made it a little too messy back there <|8^D

Got this idea from a buddy of mine :O ...Yeah, I'm not saying anything...

So I got sent a bunch of pictures of mithra from FFXI from my friend :O This got my inspiration juices flowing and I drew this.

The fourth and probably last in the series. Ah, what a good time I had with these |:D got me to make 4 CGs in a span of 5 days! I suppose this one isn't too bad, except that the placement of the head and shoulder doesn't really look right to me...but I suppose it's always good to try out new angles.

The third in the Dark Elf series. I'd have to say that this is one of my favorites up to this point :P

The second in the Dark Elf series. I love how the pose and everything came out, but eeh~ @ the background.

So I played Lineage 2 for a while a few months back and I stumbled across these wonderful creatures known as Dark Elves :D I told myself I was gonna make a CG of one back then, but I never got around to it, then I stopped playing and went back to RO, then eventually WoW. But now, I fulfilled my promise and made the picture! So here is the result :| Unfortunately, I really really really don't like how this came out, so I'll be making a series of these, just because this one doesn't do the Dark Elves justice!












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