It's time for business!

Commission Info:
Commissions are closed!
Current commission status: 8/8 complete

I will only be offering fully completed pictures. Please don't ask me for pencil or lineart only pictures. I'll ask you to approve the sketch before I finish the picture. I also ask for payment after the sketch is approved. The finished product will be given to you as a high resolution (about 6000 pixels on the long side) 300 dpi JPEG by default; you can ask for a different format if you wish.

Single Character: $95
Additional Characters: +$75 each
Background: +$5-100 (Will vary depending on complexity)
Privacy fee: +60% to the overall price
Alternate versions: Ask me about this. Will vary depending on what you want done.

The general information that I want for the picture: characters involved, what the characters are doing, and the background. Elaborate as much as you think is necessary. Before making a commission request, prepare reference pictures if necessary. I'll be posting these images unless you ask for it to be kept private. I'll also include your screen name in the description but I'll refer to you as "Anonymous" if you'd like as well.

Some other stuff to know...

  • There will be no written transfer of rights to you. I will own all rights to the image created. You're still free to do whatever you'd like with the image but if you want to use it as a means of marketing and promotion or anything where you'll be making money from it, please ask me about it and we can discuss it.

  • If you didn't know already, clean, hentai, furry, original, fanart, whatever, it doesn't matter with me :D

  • I'd prefer that you contact me through email for commissions.

  • Stuff I won't do:

    • Hetero Sex (Unless it sounds like something I'm really interested in, I don't like to do it)
    • Character designs (From previous experience, these have been more trouble than they're worth)
    • Guro
    • Pregnancy
    • Scat
    • Beastiality
Contact Info:
AIM: sephyroth612