The art of Jared Hodges and Lindsay Cibos! Lots of artwork worth checking out.

E!'s site! I met him back at the CGS groupboard as well. Sexy site, and even sexier art.

The website of Leotaku from Hentai Paradize. Holy cow this guy draws a lot!

The website of Sugandya, fellow artist from HentaiPalm.

The website of Piroro, another fellow artist from HentaiPalm.

Whoo, yuri./font>


MK's site and also my origin. It has billions of pictures (well ok, not really, but close) of girls from anime and games. I found the site years and years ago and became a regular of the groupboard (back when it was still popular). I met many great artists there, many of whom are now accomplished artists, damn them all!
The website of the forums that I regular. Lots and lots of hentai.
My Deviantart
My Deviantart page. I got banned when I first made my account because I didn't know that you can't post hentai (hah!).

My banner. Feel free to link to me on your site ;) Contact me if you wanna do a link exchange!