Art Requests
You want me to draw something for you? Sure :B

About requests:

I do all requests for free.

If you want me to draw something for you, here's some general info you could include in the email:

Email Subject (Put "Request" or something similar)

Description (What you want the picture to include, such as characters, the type of background, just basically what you want the picture to be of, with as much information as you want to give):

Coloring Type (If you want, you can ask me for cell-shading. I do everything smooth-shaded by default ;o):

Other (Anything else you want to tell me?):

Some other stuff to know...

  • If possible, also attach or give me links to any reference pictures you think would be relevant to the request. The most important of these would be for the characters :O

  • Have the request in as proper grammar as you can muster! I'm not spending hours upon hours making a picture for you if you won't spend the extra minutes (seconds?) to fix up your typing!

  • There are some requests I won't do. If you've been looking around my site, you'll notice that I don't like to draw penii (yeah I know, it's penises, but penii just sounds so cool :D ). <--If you send me a request that involves penii (lol), I either might or might not do it, depending on how extreme you want the picture to be.-->

  • Assume I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I watch lots of anime and play lots of games, but I haven't watched/played it all!

  • Please include a name that I can refer to you by in the comments that I like to leave after I post requests up, otherwise, I'll just use the name I see in your email. You can also say "Anonymous". Whatever is fine, just give me something to put in my comment. Also be aware that whatever name you give me has a good chance of showing up on a search engine with my site attached to it so if you don't want to be embarrassed...

  • No crossovers (characters from different universes). However, if it's something that makes sense, I may consider it.

  • No futa (dickgirls).

  • No guro, scat, or anything totally extreme that most people don't really like to see.

  • No extreme bondage.

  • No beastiality.

  • No pregnancy.

  • Pissing and lactation, on the other hand, is A-OK.

More things may be added to this list when I get more weird requests :(

I check my email many times every day (but only when I'm at home and not at work or school or something) so it's an excellent way to contact me about anything.

Check the front page on whose requests I've taken after each open request period. When the request is complete, you'll get it in your email, so be on the lookout!