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Stuff that I've made by request for people


A very informal request that I took from the art request thread at Hentaipalm. I haven't taken a request from that thread in months, but this one was just too crazy to pass up. Orihime from Bleach eating a twinkie. Holy shit.

A request from Jack Doe of Judy Nails from Guitar Hero. Oh god, this picture looks so whack :| Aside from the background being completely misaligned (lol), I think I screwed up on a lot of other stuff. I also fail in that I don't know how to draw the under the chin area (I don't think I've ever seen a picture drawn in anime style with the head in that angle). The colors make me want to throw up too :D This one goes into my Fail Book >:|

A request from Kai of a Viera Red Mage (Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance). When I played the game, I never really thought Vieras were all that hot. But then when news of FFXII started coming out and we got pictures of Fran... Hahaha, oh lordy :D Anyways, there's 2 versions of this picture, just because I thought the version with the tree shadow didn't look that great :@ Maybe just laying the shadows over everything isn't the way to go for that. But yeah, it's there because it -is- the more proper version, aheheh...

A request from CapedMario (this guy might just be a Mario fan, I don't know!) of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy from you know where! The most colorful picture I've done in a while :D

A request from Zackine of Mia and Jenna from Golden Sun and Mia Ausa from Lunar 1, making sweet, sweet love in a healing fountain. I played and beat Golden Sun before, but that's just about the only memory I have of it :D Never played any of the Lunar games before though :(

A request from Melton of Reith from Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. I couldn't get into the game as hard as I tried to (well, I guess I didn't try that hard :D ). The art was nice of course, but I -hated- the battle system. Having to get the timing of your button presses right for every attack got annoying after a while :| The voice acting was pretty damn crappy too :D

Special request from REDACTED. Special because I did it under special circumstances :O I promised the guy I'd draw him a picture involving anything if I won the contest he got me into. Well, guess what happened >:O

A request from Abster of Mina Majikina from Samurai Shodown! She's quite the sexy one, too bad there doesn't seem to be much fanart of her out there :(

A request from anonymous of Sakura and Ino from Naruto :O's been a while since I've drawn some Naruto. Anyways, 2 versions, one with Jiraiya and one without, because I thought he might be taking away from the picture (or making it better, I don't know :D).

This one's a little loli, beware. A request from Dangerous of Jasmine, the gym leader in G/S with the steel type Pokemon, you know, the one that whooped you if you didn't know what to use against steel type pokemon *coughcough*. Why doesn't she have a reflection in the water while some of the other stuff around her does? Well obviously because she's a vampire... :D

First request of this new batch, from Leon of Megaman X and Zero! Egads, a request without red words under it? Was a nice change for once >:O I totally took this beyond what he wanted, and as a result, made a pretty badass looking picture, amirite?

A sorta birthday picture/request (yeah, I'm like a week late for the guy, lols) for Mike.Maker. I was gonna throw this in my gift art section, but no one looks there anyways, so whatever >.> Anyways, this is Alex from the cartoon, Totally Spies. Extra credit assignment anyone? ...Wait, is that a Biology notebook in what looks like a Chemistry class? By golly it sure is! *Runs away!*

A request from Jack Doe of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. Here, the subject in question is seen making sweet, sweet love with a living plant monster :B Definately an improvement over that *ahem*... last request <:D (Lols sorry Johnny).

A request from Johnny Chen of some IRL girl. Lols, this one's quite horrible compared to the last few requests I did. Sorry Johnny :(

Speh attempts furry part 2! The law of the universe states that anyone will go loli for Etna, anyone will go gay for Bridget, and anyone will go furry for Krystal. Having said that, no one should have a problem with this request from Alex! However, this does have urination in it, so if you're not into that, beware of version 3 and 4 |:O

A request from Leyviur! After a bit of detective work (the asshat didn't include who or where this character is from |:| ), I found out her name is Sierra, from a somewhat obscure GBA RPG called Riviera: The Promised Land. Oh lordy, why does she have so much hair?!

A request from Sylphos the Mage of Kairi, Namine, and Olette from KH2. KH2 yuri is always good, eheheh... The one thing I don't like about this picture is how goofy-looking Olette's face is :(

A request from Stuart of Ed from Cowboy Bebop and Kaolla Su from Love Hina (bahaha, good choice :D ). These two are quite similar characters aren't they :O They're weird, hyper, dark-skinned, and don't wear shoes. They're also young and flat-chested, orhohoho...

A request from Dangerous of Larxene from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (I only played around an hour of that before I put it away forever :O ). It appears I've attracted a few foot fetishists D:

A request from BellTestament of his original character, Sojuro.

A request from Jack Doe, fellow artist from HentaiPalm, of Joanna Dark from the Perfect Dark series. I spent far too long on that vagoo, and it doesn't even look right :(

First request of this new batch, from Aya, who's in my leveling party in Trickster :T This is a Bunny and Fox, 3rd job, from the game.

I guess this is sort of a request. It's something I did for someone for a request topic at Hentaipalm. Something about a character from a game his friend is making and his friend's birthday.

Another request from Abster (him and his water fetish... >:O ) of Jam from Guilty Gear kicking some snake (yes, those are snakes) ass. I think I may have overdone it on the bubbles... Damn my hand still hurts >:|

It's been too long since I've done a real picture >_> Anyways, the fourth from Mike.Maker. He wanted me to Speh-ize someone he knows in real life :P

A request from JetFire of Rien Shaina from War of Genesis III Part 2! I'll be as good as you too, Hyung-Tae Kim! ...Someday... :(

A request from Ub3rChief! Of course, seeing how it's Ub3rChief, it has to have Cortana in it :P But Morrigan too?! Strangest pairing ever.

A request from GodRifle! Yuffie, Advent Children style... Mmmm...

Princess Peach! Another one from Karik. You know, don't you guys think this bed thing is getting old? It feels like most of the pictures I'm making nowadays has some character on a bed :( Start asking for them in like...a tree or something! At least something that isn't a bed... Oh, and also, this picture was based off of this picture by a WWOEC artist, or so I was told, if anyone was gonna ask :O

The request that took me ages and beyond to finally get around to doing... This one's from Anubis40k. Another one of Nadia from Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. Time to start taking more requests!

For Dr. Enquinox. I really don't like how this came out :( After it was done, I realized I gave her the wrong hairstyle (you never see her in a ponytail when she's in that suit), and the composition was totally off. Then I had no idea what to do with the background, so I just did whatever. Haha, man, I need to do something to make up for this...

Yet another request from Mike.Maker. Samus in her Phazon suit! This is his third request, and unfortunately, I had to change it again due to space constraints (sorry man!). There were a few things I had to leave out because I couldn't fit them on my paper without making it looking totally awkward. It still looks sexy though, right? Right?

A request from Karik of Samus. Mmm...Samus. First of 3 Samus requests this batch >_>

Yet another request from Abster of Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools. Note to self: draw in the sheets next time |:|

A request from Kaz. This is Gaoh and Noriko, original characters, I believe :O Those bedsheets were a bitch to do :(

A request from G-Red...well, 1/3 of his request. He wanted 3 different characters in one picture, all doing different things. I didn't think it would make a good picture (and I probably couldn't have fit it on the page too :| ) so I just did one of the characters. Kaileena from the more recent Prince of Persia games :P I think I screwed up a little on the angle as well. Her neck probably shouldn't be showing like that >_>

A request from BladeRunner from Hentaipalm. This is Frost from some of those newer Mortal Kombat games (don't remember which ones :| ).

Another request from the foot fetishist Dr. Enquinox! :P Inuyasha and Kagome this time...and GASP! Not ecchi+ again!

Another request from Abster of Rikku, FFX-2 style. Part 2! The first time I've made a serious picture with a guy and his wang :( Don't expect to see this much more often from me!

A request from Mike.Maker of Princess Zelda. I totally changed what he wanted *coughs* >.> 4 different versions! Each with different degrees of fluids coming out of her! (The 5th one is just for him :O )

Egads! Tifa and Aerith yuri and not hentai? I'd have to say, this was a much needed change from all of the ecchi and hentai, and it was one of the funnest things I've drawn in a long time |:O Made this as a request from Daniel Alvarez. A little story about the making of this... at first, I spent about two hours coloring it, then the computer abruptly restarted as I was saving it. I was just thinking,"Eh, I'll just open it back up and work on it." But, when I went to do that, the PSD was corrupt, and so I smashed my computer :D So then I had to start all over again. What a way to ruin my fun |:|

A request from Abster of Rikku, FFX-2 style. I haven't drawn her in a while :O And coloring this made me realize how much I hate her hair :@

A request from Wetto of Roan and Yuufa from Ragnarok the Animation. I had a nasty cold when I made this (and I still do at the moment) so it probably isn't as good as I could've done :(

A request from Dessert. Merrill and Ila from Louie the Rune Soldier...doing unspeakable things!

A request from the foot fetishist (is that a word?) Dr. Enquinox from Hentaipalm. This is Nadia from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water...licking her foot :O

A request from Julien Hua (so says the email). He wanted a picture of Setsuka from Soul Calibur 3 with her clothes torn, like the aftermath of a fight or something. Did I color this sexy or what :D And you know, I've drawn pictures of the new characters from SC3 already, now when will someone request a more original SC character :(

A request from Ub3rChief of Cortana from Halo and Halo 2. Onward!

A request from Gordi Gabriel Rodriguez Sanches. He asked for Jubei and Ohatu from Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams and Lady Shizuka from Genji: Dawn of the Samurai all bathing in a hot spring.

A request from "Stinkbird" of a character, who I was told, was a totally obscure character from the Batman animated series who only appeared in one part of one episode. Thriftie, she was called. Obscure indeed she is :O

A request from someone whom I know as Samuel. He wanted his original character drawn in demonic weretiger form :O My first try at seriously drawing an animal... and I utterly failed :D It looks nothing like a tiger :(

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