Gifts that people have sent me! :D

From Others to Me
From Me to Others


From Raistlin for 1.3 million (yikes, already?). Throwing a little advertising for his site in here: :)
Date: 12.04.08
Artist: Raistlin

Polka and Viola from Eternal Sonata by Farktoid. "Congratulations on your millionth hit, you earned it. Your work has given me a lot of, well, let's say it's given a lot of mileage. And it inspired me to pick up my Wacom tablet again." Thanks for the picture, and I'm glad to have given inspiration to someone :D
Date: 08.25.08
Artist: Farktoid

...I'll let the picture do most of the talking. I'll just say that it turns me on to the max :)
Date: 08.25.08
Artist: Lord Senax

Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil Zero by Grand Master J. Can't say I'm very fond of RE and the horror-type genre though, but thanks for the picture :P
Date: 03.11.08
Artist: Grand Master J

Hohoho, this one was from SumWon of Leela from Futurama :E
Date: 11.16.07
Artist: SumWon

Another one from Cassie :D
Date: 11.05.07
Artist: Cassie

This one was from Mr. Bubbles of his original character, Falx.
Date: 11.05.07
Artist: Mr. Bubbles

First gift-art in 7 months, oh god :D And she actually got my alias right, instead of calling me "Seph" or "Sefuart" or whatever a lot of people like to call me >:O!
Date: 10.15.07
Artist: Cassie

Another from Godrifle. It may have only taken 15 seconds in MS Paint, but it's worth 5 internets to me!
Date: 03.12.07
Artist: Godrifle

From Ronin-Renka. He did this one for me because I took his request :P I wish more people would do that...
Date: 02.02.07
Artist: Ronin-Renka

From aka6, fellow artist from HentaiPalm :D The penis-sword lives on!
Date: 12.17.06
Artist: aka6

Another birthday picture for me (I put it up a bit late *ahem*) from fellow artist Jack Doe from Hentaipalm :D Kukuku, more ShizNat! He also wanted me to mention that this was done with his bad hand. I wonder what happened to his good hand...maybe he injured it after tossing too many salads, gyahaha!
Date: 08.03.06
Artist: Jack Doe

Birthday picture for me from my good buddy Godrifle :D Mmm...Shizuru and favorite lesbian couple ever ;_;
Date: 07.24.06
Artist: Godrifle

From Samuel, who I did this request for. His words brings a tear to my eye ;_;
Date: 07.09.06
Artist: Samuel

Another one from Karik. It's supposed to be me and Morrigan, haha :D
Date: 04.05.06
Artist: Karik

Art trade with Quanto. These are my characters, Hanako and Akiko from my little comic project from 2 years back (lols). And zomg, this is totally awesome. Makes me want to draw more of them...mmm :O~~~
Date: 03.20.06
Artist: Quanto
Website:The - Home of Q-Studios & The Mercenary

ZOMG! Even more gift-art! From Quanto whom I know from wayyyyy back from the CGS groupboard O_O This is his main character from his story (The Mercenary), Asa.
Date: 03.19.06
Artist: Quanto
Website:The - Home of Q-Studios & The Mercenary

Egads! More gift-art! From Godrifle, one of the artists from Hentaipalm :D You're a few thousand visits too late though, God! I like the image name for the picture too: "fromgod.jpg" oh lordy :S
Date: 03.11.06
Artist: Godrifle

Wow, it's been a year and a half since I've gotten any gift-art from anyone (lols, damn you all! >3< ). This was made by Karik, whom I've drawn this picture for. It's his thanks for me imparting him the knowledge of all that is Speh. Very thoughtful gift art, it just brings a tear to my eye :'(
Date: 03.06.06
Artist: Karik

Kekeke, someone did fanart of Hanako and Akiko :D This is from my guildmate, Ruri. This was originally a pencil drawing that she sent me. She didn't want me to put that up, and wanted me to color it for her so I could put that one up :O Fufufu.
Date: 08.29.04
Artist: Ruri

Quanto's original character, Asa. Looking good :P
Date: 09.27.03
Artist: Quanto
Website:The Official Mercenary Website

From Sandy, whom I haven't seen for months :D
Date: 01.05.03
Artist: Sandy
Website:- iYa - Black + White

From Shronz(damn his coloring skillz)
Date: 01.04.03
Artist: Shronz

From my friend Cliff Nipps
Date: 8.29.02
Artist: Cliff Nipps
Website:Cliff Nipps

Yoshi the yaoi-lover sent this to me :O
Date: 8.09.02
Artist: Yoshi

Steelie's b-day present for me :D
Date: 8.04.02
Artist: Steelie
Website:VCL - Racheal

A b-day gift from Koki :D
Date: 8.04.02
Artist: Kokimi

A picture from Sketch...oh boy O.o;;
Date: 4.29.02
Artist: SkEtcH

A cute picture from Hope with Key holding a Sephiroth plushie :D
Date: 4.25.02
Artist: Hope
Website:Northern Sea

A cute pic from Sketch that has some girls licking each other :)
Date: 4.22.02
Artist: SkEtcH

A picture from Adrian from CGS!
Date: 4.21.02
Artist: Adrian

A picture of Sephiroth from Key :O
Date: 4.20.02
Artist: Key-chan
Website: untitled

A very cute picture sent to me by Lela. :)
Date: 4.13.02
Artist: Lela
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