Art Requests
Stuff that I've made by request for people


A rather lengthy request from Mike.Maker of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. I wish I had drawn in Peach a little lower at the start :| The picture looks kinda weird with the top of her head cut off like that.

A request from Rafael Camarena. He (or maybe she, probably not :| ) wanted Michelle Aubert from Onimusha 3 drawn in the same style as my Amy picture. It wasn't until the very end of coloring this picture until I realized that there was something totally wrong with the composition, then I cut off a few hundred pixels from the picture to make it look a little better :( I also kinda cheated in coloring this by setting the airbrush tool to Multiply for the pants. It would've been kinda insane to shade in the pants for this my normal way :O

Did this as a request from "The Amazing Clownbot" from the Hentai Paradize forums! He wanted a picture of Tira, and naked. But I didn't make her naked just because I felt it was too boring :( Instead, I put her clothes on her and made the ink job about 10 times harder for myself :D And the reason her arm is up in the air like that is because I was gonna put her weapon in it, but then I was like "man, I don't want to draw that" and left it out >_> So then her arm got stuck like that <:D

Made this for my friend Ailne. She asked for Princess Peach and boobs, so she got Princess Peach and boobs! This was probably one of the quickest color jobs I've ever done >.> Cell-shading is so fast and easy :D

Made this for Xeoan from Hentai Paradize. It's Soul Calibur 2 style Cassandra in her (well, one of her's) green outfit. Instead of painting my usual clouds, I just made them with filters this time >.> *cough*

A request from "DooM Q8". Lineage 2. They wanted their dark elven archer standing in front of Cruma Tower, so here she is...standing in front of Cruma Tower! I'm not to thrilled about the face and some parts of the background, but eh, it's alright, right?!

A request from BellTestament from the Hentai Paradize forum. I took about a month before I finally finished it (cough cough).

This was a request from someone from the Hentaipalm boards. It's Hitomi and Kasumi from DoA :E

This was a request from Captain F-Bomb from the Hentaipalm boards. It's Iria from the anime, Iria: Zeiram(?) :O

This was a request from Hjörleifur Gudnason from...Iceland O_O. That's Sakura and Hinata from Naruto. I totally don't like the picture :( Doesn't look right to me... I hope Hjörleifur likes it though <:D

Made for Gorgoroth from WoW :B That's him with Acame.

For Neko from WoW :B

For my friend Rob. He asked for his warrior to be standing over a cliff...I went ahead and made it a little more interesting :D

Another one for Lauren from WoW :D That's her and Makali having fun with a succubus |:D

Made for Lauren from WoW. That's her warrior (Kethry) on the left with her very good friend Scott (Softcore) on the right.

I suppose this would go into gift art. Request made by my buddy Terra from WoW :P That would be her on the left with Clueliss on the right.

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